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     Plob Help

     Adding Tiles

       To add tiles simply search for them in Plob Search, for an example we will add the Asda website

       1. Type asda into the search box  ( or whatever it is you want to add )

       2. Click the green plus to add the tile to your plob page

        Plob how to add tiles

         We recommend adding your favourite shops, newspapers, football teams, whatever you like, its your page.
         You can edit the page at any time simply by searching and adding and removing.


      Removing Tiles

        1. Type asda into the search ( or whatever you want to remove )

        2. Click the Red Minus to remove the tile from your page
, tiles can be removed at any time.

                            Plob Removing Tiles

       Moving Tiles

         Arrange the order of the tiles by simply dragging and dropping them in any order you choose.
         This can be done at any time, the tiles will stay in your chosen order.

         Plob -  Moving Tiles

       Saving your page

         You may allready have set as your homepage but now you have created your own page
         You will need to set your plob page as your homepage, this will you will only need to do once.

         If you are not sure how to do this click here for instructions Its very easy to do

How do i use the same plob page on another device?

         Click the permalink button at the bottom right of the plob main page.
         This displays in the address bar your personal plob homepage address.


         By putting this address into any device you will be able to set that as the homepage on multiple devices
         Each Computer, Laptop, Phone, Tablet, TV, or any device will see the same page.

         People often save their Plob Homepage address by copying and pasting it into a self sent email for safe keeping
         or for setting up a new computer.

How do i get my company Plob Listed?

     Click here to read more

        Plob Listed Stamp


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